Choose the correct wig cap size

Here is how you determine your wig cap size easily.

      1. You will need measuring tape
      2. You will need to prep your hair . 
      3. Your natural hair needs to be in the same state you plan on wearing it under your unit ***your real hair needs to be as flat as possible when taking your measurements***
      4. You will need the 6 measurement: circumference, front to nape, ear to ear, temple to temple and nape to neck as shown in the image below.
      5. The four MOST IMPORTANT measurements are the circumference, front to nape, ear to ear and nape of neck. We recommend taking these measurements 2-3 times to ensure they are accurately submitted.
      6. You will notate your measurements
      7. The guide below shows how to achieve your head  measurements.


*Please note Exotic S Collection is not responsible for
incorrect fit due to incorrect measurements, please take your time with this process and double / triple  check your measurements prior to submission. Measure your head with a soft measuring tape ONLY, no other type of measuring tape will provide accurate measurements . If measurements are incorrectly taken or guessed, your wig may not fit properly. The fee for re-seizing your wig (if needed) , is $250. This will include a deconstruction , remake with new measurements and a fresh styling on the unit.




*For pre-made wigs, the measurement that decides which size you are depends mainly on the circumference.

*For closure units we need your circumference, front to nape, temple to temple and nape.

*For frontal units we need your circumference, front to nape, temple to temple, ear to ear across forehead-hairline and nape.